Production Technology

Socks are a very personal daily-wear accessory. We usually put them on first thing in the morning and take them off late at night. Due to the socks' intimate contact with our body for several hours, it is important be aware of their quality. High quality should meet the following requirements:

  • are made from natural raw materials
  • have a perfect fit (not tight leg)
  • have dense, fine weave that adjusts to shape of your foot without losing their shape
  • offer comfort to our feet

The “POURNARA” sock manufacturing company uses advanced equipment of the latest technology,  in order to create unique socks of the highest quality that offer the following advantages:

  • Perfect fit
  • Comfortable and luxurious sensation, due to high-dense knitting
  • Ability to adjust to one’s foot curves for extra ease
  • Machine-washable quality
  • No fuzz
  • Highly resistant ribs that will not loosen up
  • 3 times higher lifespan than the ordinary socks.s


How to choose the best socks for your feet

Compare the socks: The best way to select the most appropriate socks for your feet is to keep wearing your ordinary sock on one foot and try the sock that you want tos test on the other one. This is the most effective way to discover the socks that suit you best.


Multifilium Technology

Using the most cutting-edge production technology, the Pournara socks snug your feet, adjusting to their shape with ribs that do not feel tight and do not loosen up.   
The “Pournara” sock manufacturing company uses the MULTIFILIUM pioneer knitting system, which provides socks with maximum elasticity and great resistance, allowing you to wash them even at 60οC+.

The "Pournara" experts in order to cover the needs of every season apply different yarn combinations both to the knitting machines and the density of the fibers. With these procedures our clients enjoy cool feet during the summer and warm feet during the winter, while socks will not lose their fit.


Bio Colors

The Pournara socks are dyed with the most renowned and most qualitative sock dyes (Reactive dyes 60ºC), used by all major sock companies in Europe and by all countries with high-living standards. 

All dyes are certified with the Oeko-tex Standard 100. 

The “Pournara” sock manufacturing company has obtained this certificate from its thread manufacturer, as the latter purchases pre-dyed thread in order to knit Pournara socks.

Colors, manufactured by the multinational company CIBA in Switzerland, are also certified with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Find out more about the Oeko-tex Standard 100 certification

The “Pournara” sock manufacturing company is certified with ISO 9001 : 2008 - Quality Managment System.

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