The "POURNARA" socks are carefully made of the most exquisite quality materials and the latest cutting-edge knitting techniques, following the highest production standards


"Pournara"'s top quality is guaranteed by the use of the finest raw materials:

1. Mercerized Cotton (Filoscozia)

Α) Cotton: A fiber of vegetal origin, characterized by its softness and ability to absorb. Such fiber, which has been used in the clothing industry since 3000 B.C., is mainly used for the production of athletic socks.

B) Egyptian Mercerized Cotton ( A large fibered thread of superior quality, produced exclusively from Egyptian cotton. It is highly resistant and carefully woven and processed to attain shine.

Cotton fibers are undoubtedly the healthiest fibers worldwide and, therefore, are largely preferred by consumers. Due to their vegetal origin, these are difficult to dye and are sensitive to sweat, when combined with friction.

2. Wool

Woolen fibers come from the soft, curly sheep's fur which is woven to become a thread. The wool family includes different varieties:

Α) LAMBS WOOL: The first yield of wool coming from sheep aged up to seven months, offering a soft and shiny feel.

Β) MERINO: Spanish, soft wooly thread of excellent quality.

C) CASHMERE: The most luxurious, soft and expensive thread, produced exclusively from Kashmir goat wool.

Woolen fibers are warm and flexible, with excellent insulating attributes and when dyed, show high resistance to rubbing.

3. Natural Silk

This luxurious natural fiber is produced by silkworms. It is a shiny material, well known for its softness, elasticity and thermal attributes.

4. Nylon or Polyamide

A synthetic fiber produced from carbon, water and air. Nylon may be dyed in a massive variety of colors. It is easy-to-wash and fast-to-dry. It is also, an exceptionally hard-wearing material highly resistant to friction. Apart from being used in the socks' knitting (woven from 100% Nylon), it is also used as reinforcement in the inner part of both the heel and the toe for maximum durability.

5. Rayon

It is a soft, shiny and highly absorbent synthetic fiber produced from cellulose.

6. Acrylic

A synthetic fiber, woven as a thread. With high elasticity and softness, it is mainly used in the production of women's socks. Easy-to-dye in various colors.

7. Polyester

Synthetic fiber produced by polymers. Polyester offers excellent durability and maintains its form. It can be dyed, while it dries fast.

8. Lycra

Flexible thread of high resistance (to washing process and sunlight) incorporated into the upper part of the sock.


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