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Striving for the consumer’s GOOD HEALTH for decades, it is with utmost pride that we present to you a NEW unique product, the isothermal undershirt POURNARA ENERGY, with global patent No. 1009397, made of 100% Giza Egyptian cotton. This undershirt possesses new unique quality and technical features, and will undoubtedly constitute a standard, against which all similar products will be measured. It is, without a grain of exaggeration, a miraculous product that will radically change your everyday life and will help you regain your energy and vitality. Contemporary man is suffering greatly from colds and muscle aches throughout the body and mainly in the waist and back. These aches are directly related to the sedentary lifestyle in the urban environment that marked the recent decades. 95% of back and waist pains is due solely to colds that cause muscle contractions, and end up in severe pain. This results to a feeling of general fatigue and loss of the body’s natural energy, which is so vital for everyday activities. Consequently, the need has arisen to actively cope with this situation, both proactively and therapeutically. After thorough research and years of preparation of the final product, we created the double weave isothermal undershirt POURNARA ENERGY, made of 100% Giza Egyptian cotton with beneficial properties for proactive and therapeutic use against any colds of the body.


While, in common undershirts, a common single strand cotton yarn is used until nowadays, the new undershirt POURNARA ENERGY is unique because, for the first time, the fabric is manufactured by 2 single minute yarns of 100% long fiber Giza Egyptian cotton, containing zero elastic or synthetic yarns. The Giza Egyptian cotton is one of the best and most expensive cotton fibers in the world, and costs 2 to 3 times more than usual cotton yarns used in undershirts, and generally in underwear. The flower of this specific type of cotton is large in length (36-50mm) and gives long fibers with excellent durability. The harvest is done by hand, a practice that does not abuse the fibers and contributes to the final product’s quality. This fiber is by nature highly absorbent.

In addition, the POURNARA ENERGY undershirt is manufactured with double weave, a feature which, combined with the high quality raw material, ensures the unique healing properties of the final product. In common undershirts, due to the single weave used (photo 1), the looseness of the loop is greater and therefore allows more air to penetrate the weave and reach the skin in higher speed, a fact that favors colds, aches and the feeling of strain, and results in losing much of our vital energy.

Common undershirt single weave

photo 1

On the contrary, in the double weave of the POURNARA ENERGY undershirt (photo 2), with the patented method No. 1009397, the size of the weave loop that allows the air to reach the skin is much smaller, and, consequently, less air penetrates with a stable, much lower, speed. At the same time, in case of sweating, the sweat is trapped transiently in the inner part of the weave, and is gradually transferred to the outer part to evaporate, and therefore does not dry out on the skin.

POURNARA ENERGY double weave

photo 2


So, by using the POURNARA ENERGY undershirt, we take preventive action, keeping our body warm and protected, and ensuring a high level of energy and vitality. In addition, POURNARA ENERGY isothermal undershirts, due to their high quality, can withstand over 1.500 washes, even over 60 degrees Celsius.

Αiming always at responding to the needs of the consumers in the best possible way, POURNARA ENERGY, the new double weave isothermal undershirt, is produced in two designs, short sleeve and athletic, and in many types, depending on where the double weave is located and which part of the body you want to protect from the cold. For men, 1) double weave in all the undershirt, both in the front and the back 2) in the upper part of the back, 3) in the entire back, 4) only in the waist, and, for women 5) with double weave in the entire back. In this way, you can choose the undershirt that suits you best, aiming solely at your individual sensitivity and needs. Keep your energy in high levels and ensure your vitality with the best product in the market, the POURNARA ENERGY isothermal undershirt.

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