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The ANESIS innovation is applied on 6 different types of socks, in order to respond to various uses and client categories:

  1. Classic and modern design men's and ladies socks, for all-day use
  2. Sports terry socks for maximum comfort and excellent fit during demanding sports activities 
  3. Terry isothermal socks for warm feet 
  4. Antiperspirant low cut ankle socks, for seasonal use and impeccable style 
  5. Ladies socks, for the demanding stylistic choices of contemporary women
  6. Children's socks, for a high level of hygiene and all-day stable fit on children's feet


POURNARA socks proudly present a very special innovation.
The ANESIS series introduces new knowledge into the choice of sock raw materials and in the fabrication stage, resulting in an excellent new product which will radically change the way we define quality socks.


In contrast with the use of nylon that prevails in products aiming easy fit, the ANESIS series maintains its maximum elasticity in the sock weave, containing zero polyamide ( nylon ), while using the best quality cotton fiber of the market.
Thus, the highly elastic spandex, combined with GIZA Egyptian cotton, famous for its superior quality and long fiber, creates a new sensation that adds togethter comfort, luxury and hygienic daily use.

Spandex is a modern product ( invented in 1958 ) with special qualities.
It has great elasticity and is very resistant to friction and the damaging effects of sweating and detergents. The spandex fiber used in the ANESIS new series is extremely thin (so thin that it is hardly visible, similar to a spider thread). The percentage of spandex in the final weave is therefore less than 1%, allowing the high quality of the natural material to prevail in the final result.


While the convolution of the spandex fiber is generally made with the use of polyamide (nylon), in the ANESIS series it is achieved with the use of very fine Egyptian GIZA cotton is the best - and most expensive - cotton in the world.
Its bloom in large in length (36-50mm) and produces long as well as durable fibers. The picking is done by hand, a practise that does not damage the fibers and brings about the best possible final product. Since it is highly absorbent , GIZA cotton. after its processing, has much deeper and more intense colors than other types of cotton. It is a natural material of high quality, used in the best possible way for this particular series.
Reversing facts and common practises in the fabrication of socks, once again POURNARA socks raise the bar of quality and expertise, and offer you one of the best products in the market worldwide.  

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